Straight from the Lab; Five Facts Energy Drink Companies Don’t Want You to Know

In the recent “rush to market” several unsettling trends have developed in the energy supplement market. Here’s what most manufacturers don’t want you to know.

1. Private Label Manufacturers Produce Identical Products

More than half of all energy shots on the market today are identical products produced by “private label manufacturers” on behalf of distributors. When you believe you are drinking a unique product, you are most likely consuming a “house blend” (generally caffeine, taurine and sugar) created by the private label manufacturer and then packaged and marketed by the distributor. Sadly, most of these energy industry newcomers decided it was more effective to invest time and money into branding as opposed to nutritional research. This is why several major clothing manufacturers and alcoholic beverage companies have found it so easy to enter the energy shot market.

2. Durations are Engineered to be Short

If companies sold chewing gum that never ran out of flavor or light bulbs that never burned out, the majority of them would be out of business. Energy shots are no different. While it is quite possible to cost-effectively produce and distribute an energy product with a 10 to 12-hour life span, most energy supplement companies distribute products that really only work for about two to four hours. Consequently, consumers are more likely to consume more than one or two per day.

3. There are No Secret Ingredients

Nutritionists, physicians, food development groups and even professional athletes know what supplements create sustainable energy. However, these key ingredients generally cost more than their cheaper “speedier” counterparts. The deciding factor is how much money a supplement company is willing to spend in order to manufacture a proper energy shot. Most prefer to produce an inferior product because it is cheaper. We at Generator Labs understand that businesses must profit in order to thrive, but skimping on key ingredients to improve revenues is not the way to do it.

4. Certain Products are Designed to be Addictive

Sugar, caffeine and other inferior ingredients are addictive in high doses. Instead of engineering power supplements that truly enhance performance, some companies opt to package and distribute “Energy Drinks” that are scarcely more than concentrated recreational beverages like soda. Flashy branding and memorable catch phrases are no substitutes for sound, nutritional engineering.

5. Many Labels are Created to Confuse the Consumer

Granted, there are a few energy shot companies that continue to innovate and work hard to create brand recognition, but all-too-many have opted to piggyback on the success of others. Beware of energy shots that lead with 6-Hours of Energy, 7-Hours of Energy, etc., in their advertising campaigns. These are referred to in the industry as “me too” products and generally don’t work.

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