What Good is 5 Hours of Energy in a 16-Hour Day?

All energy supplements in the market today possess the same fundamental flaw. They fail to take into account that the average person sleeps for approximately 8 hours and is awake for 16. Current energy products do not enhance the entire waking state of the consumer. They are designed to work for relatively short periods of time.

Days are Longer

University studies have established that people are working longer and harder than ever before just to maintain a decent standard of living. The 8-hour workday has been replaced by the 10 to 12-hour workday and even though the days are longer, there is still no time to spare. Every minute counts. Anyone who is not consistently operating at peak efficiency runs the risk of becoming extinct.

Energy Versus Endurance

All of us have energy at one point in the day or another. Lack of energy is not the problem; the challenge is how to make it last. Stress, increased responsibilities, environmental issues, and diet all play a part in whether or not the average person can go the distance in order to prevail over the competition. Vitality falls short unless it is coupled with endurance.

The contemporary man and woman are more akin to competitive athletes than they are to students, employees or entrepreneurs. For example, we all run the risk of being replaced by someone younger who is willing to do our job for less money, competition increases every year, and “playing a couple of bad games” will not just cost you your bonus, you’ll be traded back down to the minor leagues at best.

Get the idea?

Enter Generator

Generator is the only once-daily energy supplement in existence today.

Packed with B vitamins, amino acids and a perfectly engineered physiological fuel, Generator compliments the body’s built-in power centers in order to keep you operating at peak performance all day long.

Our consumers typically report;

  • Hours of increased energy with no edginess
  • Improved concentration for prolonged periods of time
  • More stamina during demanding physical and/or mental activities
  • The overall feeling of being “on”
  • No sudden energy depletion or “crash” at the end of the energy curve
  • No difficulty sleeping

The question is not whether Generator is the perfect energy supplement; the question is whether or not it’s the perfect energy supplement for you. If you want to gain more productive hours each and every day, the answer is yes.

Don’t Waste Another Minute

Try Generator just once and we know you’ll never go back to living at half throttle.

Sure, there was life before Generator, but there was just a lot less of it.

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